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Keeping it Positive in the Library

Hey you! Remember this! Dirty water doesn't stop plants from growing, so don't let negative words stop your progress!!


eBooks or in the hand books

Look at how you can check out books from the Grant MS Library

How to check out books

First page of the PDF file: BlackWhiteGridStoryStructureStoryboard

Step 1: Signing In Go to and log in Open the APS Library folder Click on Catalog Click on Destiny Discover

Step 2: Looking at ALL the options! eBooks! Audio Books! Find Books by Genre! Find Books in Collections! Ms. Roe’s “What’Cha Reading Roe?” posts Contests!

Step 3: Pick a Book! eBooks -> Click on CHECK OUT and it will be added to your ‘my stuff’ folder! Enjoy book from your Computer! AudioBooks -> Click CHECK OUT and it will be added to your ‘my stuff’ folder! Listen to book by pressing play! Physical Books -> Click the HOLD button and the book will be delivered to you in your ELA class ASAP!

Returning Books! EBooks go back on virtual shelf in 14 days. You can check out as many as you would like! Audio Books go back on virtual shelf in 14 days. You can check out as many as you would like! Physical Books re the same as it has always been. 3 books for 3 weeks! DONT FORGET TO RETURN THEM!

Want to start a TBR List? It’s simple! When you find a book you want to add to your list, just click the <3 and it will be added to your favorites! This works great if the book you want is currently checked out!

Keep up on all the Library News by checking out the FRONT PAGE!! REMEMBER: Reading 20 minutes everyday does amazing things for your BRAIN!!

Library Catalog

Online Resources

See your librarian for database usernames and passwords or access ClassLink from anywhere.


Reaching for the Moon Book Cover

School Wide Novel: Reaching for the Moon

Welcome to a new school year! It is my pleasure to introduce you to our next school wide novel! Starting August 14th each student will be receiving a copy of Kathrine Johnson’s autobiography, Reaching for the Moon: The Autobiography of NASA Mathematician Kathrine Johnson. 

For those of you new to Grant (HI! Welcome!), our school wide novel project happens twice a year at the beginning of each semester. Both students and staff take a few weeks and read a book together as a WHOLE school! This gives us the opportunity to enjoy reading books together and learn about interesting things that may not be covered in classes. Plus, it is fun. 

Many have heard of Kathrine Johnson thanks to the movie Hidden Figures. Well, this is her story. Johnson tells her story of growing up and finding a strong love for math. While in school she shows her remarkable aptitude for the subject and impresses one of her professors who encourages her to become a research mathematician. Katherine faced many daily challenges as an African American girl to fulfill her dreams. She persisted. 

By the 1950s, she became a part of NASA as one of the mathematicians whose job was to calculate the trajectory of NASA’s spacecraft. She was an important part of both Alan Shepard’s first space flight and the Apollo 11 mission that landed men on the Moon.  

It is a story of family, strength, and the bravery to break all the barriers that got in Kathrine’s way. It’s a wonderful and inspiring story to start the school year off with. 

At the end of the novel, we will be honoring Kathrine Johnson while having some fun creating rockets filled with letters written by the students as they reflect on her legacy and the legacy they want to leave for Grant. 

As always, I couldn’t be more excited to read this book with our students and staff. I would also like to give a sincere thank you to our epic teachers and administrators who support this school wide project. I would also like to invite families to read the book too and hope it inspires discussions. These books are gifts from all of us at Grant Middle School to our scholars and their families to add to their libraries at home. Thank you for your support. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or even novel suggestions, please feel free to contact me at

“The Eagle has Landed”

--Neil Armstrong
Sincerely, Stephanie Roe


Grant Middle School