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Study Skills

Getting Organized

What does it mean to be organized?

It means being able to make time for work and fun! Students who are well organized:

  • Set goals and plan ways to reach them
  • Make schedules for finishing assignments and other projects on time.
  • Have time for fun, friends and favorite activities.
  • Being organized is a skill everyone can learn and use in school – and out!

Why is being organized so important?

Because being organized can help you:

  • Be a better student instead of “cramming” for tests or writing papers at the last minute, you’ll be able to take the time to do your best.
  • Reduce stress by learning to pace yourself; you won’t feel rushed all the time.
  • Feel good about yourself. Once you’ve learned to manage your time, you’ll feel confident. About how much you can accomplish.
  • Succeed in the future. Many of the skills that help you succeed in school will help you in future jobs, too.
  • Your time is valuable – being organized can help you use it well.

Stay Focused

Distractions can keep you from finishing your homework. During homework time: Try to stay away from the TV, loud music/noise, computer games and chatting, telephone, and social media.

A good study area is:

  • Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Neat
  • Well Lit
  • Supplied with the materials you’ll need

Helpful Hints

  • Use a daily planner– Schedule time to study, have family time, and have fun with your friends.
  • Be realistic– Set aside enough time for each activity.
  • Don’t procrastinate.
  • Always plan ahead– Ask your teachers or check their website for any assignments he or she can provide ahead of time.
  • Be aware of approaching deadlines.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It will show you are serious about becoming more organized and a better student.
  • Get advice on organizational skills from: Teachers, your counselor, parents, friends, classmates, AVID tutors, or your librarian.