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Club Descriptions

Crafting In this club students will be introduced to an assortment of crafts that can be done with simple materials found at any craft store. They will be given a list of available crafts to choose from and vote on group projects they would like to complete. Students will be having fun, creating new friendships and learning all at the same time. 
Weight Training Students will be able to work out, build muscle strength and increase endurance. They will be coached by our athletic director and learn how to get maximum results safely. 
STEM A class that teaches kids basic robotics. The program will also work on the design and construction of underwater robotics and weather balloon navigation. 
Art Club Students will be delving into the magic of art. They will be learning to do various types of projects with different techniques. Each student will have the opportunity to create their own masterpiece while having fun and making new friends.
Cooking Club This club will focus on basic family cooking skills, reinforce measuring and mathematical skills and invesigate the science behind cooking.
Slime Club  Students will make different kinds of slime throughout the semester. We will experiment with different ingredients and see how that changes the consistency and preference for slime. 
Flag Football Students will learn the art and science of football. They will be able to practice and compete as part of a team.
Math Counts  The Math Counts team is a competitive math program that engages all mathletes to learn and have fun with math
Guitar Our goal is to provide a co-genial and inclusive environment for the students who participate to learn beginning guitar. Participants will learn basic songs from different genres.
Minecraft Students will be able to show off their skills and learn from each other. From beginners to advanced players, everyone is welcome
Grant TV GTV will encompass the entire school, students and staff members by providing access to information about programs for Grant as well as recognition to staff and students. It will be used to provide daily announcements. The announcements will include the promotion of clubs as well as continuously stressing the importance of attendance.
Hangin with Ms. Lisa Etiquette is polite behavior. Is it ever appropriate to throw food? How do I get an adults attention when they are doing something else? Students like to be the center of attention and at times don't consider the ramifictions of their actions. This club will partake in role playing activities to help improve etiquette and relationship skills with their peers, teachers and families. 
Eagle Alliance Who we are: Eagle Alliance club is a small but mighty club dedicated to supporting a safe school environment for ALL students. We subscribe to the belief that schools are safer and more successful when diversity is celebrated. We are a Gay/Straight Alliance program that supports members of the LGBTQ community and their Allies. ALL are welcome regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
PC Gaming Students will learn different PC games. They will be able to play on their own or in groups
Yearbook This club will be developing the school yearbook. 
Archery This club teaches the basic safety and fundamentals of archery while also teaching kids to slow down and focus. This club helps students build/enhance their confidence and team work skills.
Goal Diggers Large group tutoring focusing on ELA and math through SuccessMaker(r) software, ReadTheory(r) online reading/writing software and Prodigy(r) math gaming. This tutoring session will have two parts each week. Pre-test and post tests in both SuccessMaker math and reading, and ReadTheory reading/writing will help to determine the students level of need and their areas of difficulty.
Fun with Math Activities and discussion driven studies for small groups. The focus is on students who want to improve their math skills through fun and interactive games/projects.
Overachievers This activity will help students in their everyday classes, social studies, science, math and language arts by allowing them to hone their skills. They will be able to perform different tasks and work on projects independently or in groups. 
Girls Soccer Students will be coached to play soccer on a team. They will learn how to play soccer. In addition, they will learn discipline, teamwork and the importance of reliability. They will also have the opportunity to compete with other teams. 
Boys Soccer Students will be coached to play soccer on a team. They will learn how to play soccer. In addition, they will learn discipline, teamwork and the importance of reliability. They will also have the opportunity to compete with other teams. 
Recycled Art Students will learn how to use recycled materials to create their own art masterpiece