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Our Mission

The Grant Middle School Athletic Department is committed to providing the very best instruction and supervision to its athletes. It is the departments hope that your student-athlete will learn respect for the rules of the game, accept all of the officials' decisions, and always display good sportsmanship regardless of the outcome.

It is also our hope that your student-athlete will have developed the necessary skill set to help them achieve their goal of participating in high school athletics.

Please be reminded that participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege. Your student must maintain a GPA. of at least 2.0 with no F's and be in good standing with the Grant Middle School administration.

Contact Ms. Kamminga with any questions you may have concerning Grant Middle School Athletics.


Contact Information

Athletic Director

Kate Kamminga
(505) 299-2113, ext. 30613

Kate Kamminga has taken over as Athletic Director for Grant Middle School Athletics.  She has taught with Grant for 3 years and is a strong supporter of the positive impact team sports has on our Grant Scholars, be that as a player or a spectator.